Portable LED Stroboscope

  • Model NO.: PN-06C
  • Flash Range: 50-16000rpm
  • Trademark: PNSHAR
  • Specification: ISO etc.
  • HS Code: 90292090
  • Power Supply: DC 6V
  • Applications: Textile Industry,Packing,Printing
  • Transport Package: Seaworthy or Airworthy Package
  • Origin: Hangzhou
Portable LED Stroboscope

A stroboscope, also known as a strobe, Work according to the stroboscopic principle. It makes motion sequences visible which otherwise cannot be observed by the naked eye: By synchronizing the flash frequency to the movement of the observed object and emitting intensive light pulse of short duration, the object is always illuminated at the same point of its movement, so that it appears to the eye as if it were motionless. And it is an instrument used to make a cyclically moving object appear to be slow-moving, or stationary. It is suitable for non-contact RPM measurement, inspection and observation of moving parts.
PN-06C textile stroboscope is widely used in textile industry, It can observe of thread movement on textile machines. It can detect the rotational speed of spindle and the situation of weft supplying by loom etc. The high frequency and high brightness are the main characteristics of this stroboscope. It can substitute the same kind of import products. Recently, it is found wide application in the textile, chemical fiber and sewing enterprise.
This stroboscope mainly is suitable for the spindle in the spinning machine and coiling machine, the speed of spool, doubling thread in the sewing machine and other parts. It is to ensure the woof is straight.

2. APPLICATIONS Textile industry, Packing, Printing...
3. ADVANTAGE: Detect the rotational speed of spindle and the situation of weft supplying by loom etc
1  Sensor Power Supply: DC 6V
2  Power: Maximum 60W
3  Flash Range: 50~16000 RPM
4  External Trigger: DC5~12V pulse
5  Dimensions: 270mm×120mm×130mm
6  Weight: about 2.4kg CONNECTIONS
7 Electrical: none required

Tool Cart use

 The tool cart apply to set management Tools, cutting tools, parts and components at the production site truly punctual, accurate, efficient, low-power, access to your items.

Structural features of the tool cart:

1, the high strength of the results of the design process and dusting surface, able to adapt to the factory complex work environment.

2, equipped with high-quality bearings and rail drawer can also withstand the rated load and easy to open and close.

3, according to need freely choose to configure the drawers of different heights, and fully meet the needs of the production site.

4, the top box can be configured with the anti-oil pad protection placed items will not be harmed, and to prevent items from dropping.

5, state-of-the-art locks, using only one lock can lock all the drawers to ensure product safety.

6, the bottom of the cabinet with pad feet, to protect the cabinet from damage in the place or mobile for easy forklift handling.
   A variety of surface colors, to meet the needs of the overall layout of the production site
7 whole wide aluminum drawer handles and replaceable label, beautiful, convenient and practical.

The advanced the drawer safety clasp design, guarantee not accidentally slide out drawer closed.

9 more for a select (ral5005 ral5015 ral6011 ral7035) four kinds of international standard colors to meet the production site to the overall layout needs.

10. Adopts the international advanced level locks, only one lock can lock all drawers, to ensure product safety.

11 plus bottom frame and high quality casters to implement smooth, good direction, the brakes fixed and does not slide.

12 advanced interlock device, open a drawer the other drawers automatically lock can not be opened to prevent the drawers all open causing the cabinet tilt.

13 tools car tops, unique injection molding, higher intensity.

14 central lock ring keys structure, extend the life of the lock.

15 the four corners of the tool cart with bumper strip made of new composite materials, can be an effective buffer accidental collision damage caused.

16. Heavy tool cart wheel, 125MM diameter more easily over obstacles.

17. Countertops special small groove, can be used to bloom butter and other liquids, and easy to use.

18 Tool Cart cart can store a wealth of tools module.

19 drawers on both sides of ball slide stacking, with excellent smoothness.

20 each Tool Cart cart has a self-locking function.

21 on both sides of the tool cart with double steel mesh well plates and plate design, the vehicle body is more rugged, durable

Tool Cart

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