The structure of the cable slip line 1, track: length of 6m or 4m 2. Hanger: used to suspend the track, bolts stop, so that the guide rail can not move. Elliptical mounting holes can correct the linearity of the track. 3. Coupling connector: Coupling connector 3.1 Cold-rolled steel plate is roll
Open-air coal mine blast "three links" system [Procedures] Article 528 The blasting safety alert must comply with the following provisions: (1) There must be a person in charge of the safety alert and a police officer should be dispatched around the blasting area. (2) The “three-
1. Flotation is due to the natural floatability of talc . Therefore, the hydrocarbon oil collector can be floated. The collector used is kerosene, oil as flotation frother. The foam produced by methyl isobutyl methoxide (MIBC) is brittle and easy to obtain high quality concentrate. The talc flotatio