[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] In the hilly and dry areas, deep ploughing and deepening are carried out to deepen the soil layer, improve soil permeability and preservation, and enhance drought and sorghum resistance, which can significantly increase peanut yield. However, most people
Activated carbon as an adsorbent or an adsorbent made of kaolin, the purification method for treating mercury-containing waste water, said adsorbing mercury removal method. For example, if a domestic factory treats mercury-containing sewage, the process adopts static adsorption method (precipitatio
Barrier gates can be said to be the representative characteristics of the access control and parking lots in most people's impressions. In the general parking system, barriers also play an absolute role. From the initial human button control, remote control, to IC card barriers, Bluetooth senso
A low-grade fluorite barite flotation separation method, using water glass as an inhibitor of siliceous minerals and calcium carbonate minerals, using oleic acid as a collector of fluorite and barite, using starch, sodium sulfate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate phosphorus as inhibitors
If you are doing wireless monitoring system, you must use a wireless bridge, and there are many ways to use the wireless bridge. Which method do you specifically choose, you know? Today, Fengrunda, a professional transmission product & service provider, enumerates three common networking metho