Recently, China's automobile fuel-saving technology research and development has made significant progress.

The first domestic “Automobile Fluid Continuously Variable-Frequency Hybrid Power System” research project supported by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission has achieved the goal of saving fuel by 20.8% to 36%. Recently, the laboratory entered the pilot production stage, marking the China Automobile Festival. Significant progress has been made in oil technology research and development.
The research project undertaken by Beijing Chuangshiqi Technology Co., Ltd. has been researched and developed in the past three years, and the conditions for small-scale experimental production have matured. With the support of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the company has reached a cooperation development agreement with the Beijing Automobile Research Institute and the Beijing Gear General Factory. The plan is to first apply this new technology to the “Beijing Warrior” off-road vehicle owned by BAIC.
The transmission is one of the most functional components of automotive energy efficiency. Based on the existing models, the “Automatic Fluid Continuously Variable Transmission Hybrid System” with independent intellectual property rights can realize high-efficiency continuously variable transmission and mixing at the same time by adopting an innovative solution combining hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and mechanical planetary gear train. Powered by two ways to achieve energy savings. The system has been tested on the Jetta and Elantra models respectively. It can be fueled by 20.8% to 36% by the Automotive Emissions Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Beijing Institute of Technology and the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy Conservation of Tsinghua University.
In addition to fuel economy, the system also enables automotive engines to operate frequently in efficient low-emission areas and reduce emissions. According to the research and development personnel, in the urban congestion, low-speed road conditions, the system's dual-mode operation can avoid the traditional engine idle speed and high pollution, and can also eliminate the additional pollution caused by frequent engine start-up.
This system can not only be installed on new models, but also can be modified in the vehicle. The cost is close to the existing automatic transmission, which only accounts for 20% to 30% of the cost of a foreign oil-electric hybrid system with equivalent fuel economy. According to relevant persons of BAIC Holdings, after the completion of the pilot test of this system, it will be applied to the “Beijing” brand sedan that will be unveiled next year.

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