China's first Olympic beverage bottle patented product was officially approved

Recently, the first patented beverage bottle product designed for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was officially approved. With curiosity and joy, the reporter rushed to the Nanjing First Art Design and Production Center and interviewed the patent designer Miss Cui.
In the first art design and production center, the reporter saw this stylish and dynamic bottle. The design is inspired by the bottle that will be held for the first time in China on August 8, 2008. The design and creation emphasizes the breakthrough of structure and shape. First of all, the shape of the torch cap not only highlights the festive atmosphere of the 08 Olympic Games, but also organically blends with the mysterious and sacred nature of the Olympic torch, which makes the bottle show a distinctive temperament everywhere, full of personality charm. Secondly, the unique push-up bottle mouth effectively solves many defects such as the laborious opening of the screw cap and the easy carrying of bacteria. Its convenient and hygienic characteristics not only meet the requirements of people's healthy drinking, but also give the bottle more beauty and use value. Again, the most important thing is the bottle design that symbolizes the streamlined character figure of the 08 Olympics. Not only makes the appearance of the whole bottle full of dynamic atmosphere, but also has a high ornamental value, and gives the special cultural connotation of the whole bottle, which is very memorable.

As the designer of this patent, Ms. Cui told reporters: "As a Chinese child, I am very proud of the 2008 Olympic Games in my home country. I also hope to use practical actions to express my support for the Beijing Olympics. The design of this bottle It is with such a mood, based on a large number of Olympic materials, and repeatedly designed to succeed." Obviously, this

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