Nitrogen analyzer successfully developed in China to get rid of imports

According to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the new edition of the China National Instrumentation Manufacturers Directory of the 3503 Yingmeier Technology Development Co., Ltd., a large-scale central enterprise, has recently successfully developed a domestic nitrogen analyzer with the Institute of Soil Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This product

The successful development of the instrument catalogue has greatly improved the accuracy of relevant scientific research and analysis data, and also helped the country to get rid of the situation that such instruments and equipment mainly rely on imports.

It is understood that the nitrogen analyzer is a pre-equipment for the analysis of nitrogen elements in plants. It is used to extract the initial nitrogen in soil and plants. It is widely used in environmental analysis, crop and plant ecological analysis in developed countries. Because China's research on nitrogen analyzers is relatively lagging behind, it currently relies mainly on imported instruments and equipment.

The nitrogen analyzer equipment successfully developed by China independently has the same working performance as imported instruments and equipment, and its price is only 1/6 of the imported products. When it was first introduced, it received a large number of orders from domestic users.

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5D Wheel Alignment With Tablet And TV

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