Girlfriend's ear accidentally pierced her boyfriend's eardrum and beat him in court

Girlfriend accidentally pierced his ear with her eardrum and defended her in the hearing and beat her slapstick diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2010-07-27

A pair of middle-aged men and women, his girlfriend to help her boyfriend dig the ear, inadvertently piercing the tympanic membrane of his left ear. When the couple failed, the man also brought the woman to court. At the time of the trial, the woman who felt wronged even rushed to the plaintiff's seat and slapped both men on the face. In the end, after the patience of the judge mediates, the woman pays for the surgery and the man withdraws the case.
Lao Xu met with the defendant Ms. Wu in March 2009 and quickly established a relationship between men and women. On April 10 of the same year, Lao Xu came to Ms. Wu’s residence to play and live there. On the evening of the dispute, Ms. Wu accidentally pierced the old eardrum. The next day, Xu Xu went to the hospital and reported the case to the police station. After forensic diagnosis, Lao Xu caused a left tympanic membrane perforation due to trauma, which caused severe hearing loss and constituted minor injuries.
After the incident, Ms. Wu and Ms. Wu have not only ceased to be in a relationship, but also turned into an enemy due to negligent injury. Lao Xu repeatedly filed a civil lawsuit with the court on October 26, 2009 after claiming compensation for the damages. A total of 15,623 yuan was requested for payment of compensation.
The court staff learned that Ms. Wu was divorced two years ago and her ex-husband took away most of the property. She took a daughter to live alone and the economy was not economical. Her life was not smooth, her character was more violent, and her emotions were easily agitated. The lawsuit was held on November 24 last year and the court debate was just over. Ms. Wu suddenly rushed to the plaintiff's seat and slapd twice at Lao Xu. Seeing that Ms. Wu was out of control, the court staff had to take away the original defendant.
Later, with the assistance of the neighborhood committee, the judge contacted Ms. Wu’s father and through patient persuasion, Ms. Wu’s father finally agreed to talk to her daughter. Subsequently, the judge took the initiative to meet Lao Xu and conducted a legal analysis of his claims and opinions. In the end, Lao Xu agreed that Ms. Wu would only pay for his reconstructive surgery for eardrum of 5,000 yuan. Recently, the original defendant accepted the settlement out of court.
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