Garbage truck classification introduction

★ Compression type garbage truck adopts electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology. Through the automatic control system of machine, electricity, and liquid, garbage, crushing, flattening, and forceful loading are realized through special equipment such as carriages, fillers and push shovels. ? Push waste into the carriage and compact it and evade it. Its main features are simple and efficient waste collection methods, automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automated operation, good dynamic and environmental protection, and high vehicle utilization efficiency.

★Introduction to compressed garbage trucks? Compressed garbage trucks mainly use waste bins, fillers, push shovels, hydraulic systems, and other special equipment to achieve garbage dumping, crushing, or flattening. The compact garbage truck produced by Xinzhong Green has Garbage collection is convenient, efficient, with automatic repetitive compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, large load, automated operation, and good sealing.

★ Compression type garbage truck is a fully sealed type. The sewage in the compression process directly enters the sewage chamber. It completely solves the secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The key components are imported components.

★ With a bucket lifting rack? Can be used with the national general iron hanging bucket or plastic hanging bucket, strong loading? The garbage into the carriage and compaction and shirk.

Garbage Truck - Swing Arm Garbage Truck Introduction

Configuration of the hydraulic cylinder is 1680 mm / bore 125 mm? Swing arm stroke for the empty load flat support 3740 mm? Support vertical vertical up to 3890 mm? Multi-way valve is the Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Factory production? Function? Town garbage Collection, transfer, with a simple structure, flexible operation, reliable performance, high transfer efficiency? A car can be equipped with multiple trash buckets and so on. Garbage trucks are mainly used for carrying wastes. They can also transport bulk construction materials such as ash, sand, stone and earth, and can also transport ore or coal in mines or coal.

Garbage Truck - Sealed Garbage Truck Introduction

The sealed garbage truck is mainly composed of a car chassis, a box body, a door opening mechanism, a lifting mechanism, an electro-hydraulic control system, etc. It is a new type of mechanical, electric, and liquid integrated full-sealing structure garbage transport vehicle. Can a series of garbage stations be used together? It can also be widely used for garbage transportation in urban residents' living areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, schools, parks, scenic spots and other places.

Garbage Truck - Docking Garbage Truck Introduction

It is a special garbage truck for garbage compression station, with a hydraulic back cover that can be opened, and a compressed garbage block inserted from the back, which increases the amount of garbage transported. This car is sealed and can also prevent secondary pollution during transportation.

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