Two new ship types developed by Samsung

Ship type one LNG-FPSO

As the world's natural gas consumption continues to grow, this “clean energy” effectively prevents environmental pollution. But because 22% of the world's natural gas storage is located in the ocean and most of it is located in deep seas or stranded seas, natural gas extraction requires more advanced floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units.

The LNG-FPSO ship developed by Samsung Heavy Industries is fixed on the sea area to be mined. The deck is equipped with a liquefaction device, and the ship body is equipped with a storage system. The vessel has the advantage of more functionality and lower construction costs than conventional fixed marine structures.

Samsung Heavy Industries has been developing the project for many years and has now overcome a number of key technologies, including structural analysis of the FPSO and heat transfer between independent tanks. Recently, Samsung Heavy Industries has made major breakthroughs in system development and verification, including natural gas production, liquefaction systems, next-generation refrigeration and heating systems, storage systems, and mooring systems that ensure structures stay in the work area.

Ship type II LNG-FSRU

LNG-FSRU is a storage/regasification LNG device developed by Samsung Heavy Industries. The device is primarily used to anchor offshore areas close to the end consumer, loading LNG from LNG carriers. Compared with the traditional onshore regasification unit, it has good economy.

In the past few years, Samsung Heavy Industries has been conducting research and development of LNG-FSRU and has made breakthroughs recently. LNG-FSRU ships with higher structural strength have higher safety in structural design. In addition, Samsung Heavy Industries has also increased the technical requirements for LNG-FRSU, indicating that it will build ships of suitable size according to the specific needs of the relevant sea areas. In recent years, Samsung Heavy Industries has been committed to the research of LNG ship related technologies, such as LNG ship propulsion systems. These related technologies will become the focus of research for Samsung Heavy Industries in the future.

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