The light truck giant Jianghuai released the LCC strategy from the geometric origin?

Recently, the light truck giant Jianghuai released its “LCC strategy” and instantly triggered public opinion, attracting a lot of attention from inside and outside the industry. Industry insiders said that the release of JAC “LCC strategy” is not only a milestone in the development of Jianghuai, but also has a whole industry development. deep influence.

What is LCC?

The person in charge of JAC explained that "LCC" is the abbreviation of Lowest Consuming Cost. The specific content is as shown in the formula:

Lifetime use cost = acquisition cost (ie vehicle price + incidental fees + insurance + purchase tax) + fuel cost + normal maintenance costs [ie total mileage / maintenance cycle × unit price (ie working hours + spare part cost)] + annual fixed fee ( Insurance premium + road maintenance fee + vehicle and vessel usage tax) - vehicle residual value.

From this formula, we can see that it involves the purchase, use, and depreciation of products. Jianghuai proposed this strategy with the aim of helping users to achieve the lowest "lifetime use cost" and "create value" by using their own product efforts.

JAC "LCC strategy" origin geometry?

As an industry-recognized light truck giant, Jianghuai’s announcement of the “LCC strategy” is no accident. According to JAC officials, Jianghuai Enterprises has always been striving to improve product R&D, quality control, cost control, and service network construction. The proposal is precisely based on the result that Jianghuai has always insisted on creating maximum value for consumers and digging product value.

In the past two sessions, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become a major hot issue in the automotive industry. Some automotive experts further pointed out that “the current urgent need for independent innovation in the Chinese automotive industry should start with energy conservation and consumption reduction. The specific implementation of the automobile R&D process starts from the research and development of the automotive “core”—clean and energy-saving engine.” This concept was implemented in practice. The JAC 4DA1 series engine not only has strong performance, but also has excellent indexes such as small size and low energy consumption. It has been hailed as one of the best engines in China at the moment. The Jianghuai released "LCC" strategy, JAC vows to save energy and reduce consumption, to provide users with the most valuable products in the end!

As we all know, in recent years, the domestic automobile industry has developed rapidly, and automobile pollution and automotive energy demand have become an urgent problem for the industry to solve. The energy crisis has brought a huge impact on the automotive industry. Therefore, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become an important means to cope with energy crisis and protect the environment. At the same time, it is also an important measure to comply with the development trend of China's large economy. JAC's performance in fuel economy has always been good, and JAC's light truck products have achieved new breakthroughs in energy conservation and consumption reduction based on continuing its consistent quality strategy, which has become a hot issue for the domestic automotive industry. Thrust, but in terms of maintenance and maintenance costs, the advantages of JAC light trucks have always been obvious to all. Together with the extremely competitive prices of JAC light trucks in similar products, they have truly achieved the lowest positioning of “lifetime use costs” and thus achieved success. The current "LCC" strategic plan.

As the first camp of commercial vehicles, Jianghuai Automobile has always been calm and orderly in terms of development and strategy, which has made many colleagues admired. Over the years, JAC has further deepened product quality and improved the product line as an important measure to achieve breakthroughs and strategic development of the company. Under this business philosophy, Jianghuai Company, on the one hand, has made great efforts to achieve breakthrough through its superior product “Light Truck”. On the other hand, JAC has also been committed to the research on how to increase the value of product use and reduce the cost of product use. Each product produced is also designed and manufactured in accordance with this principle.

JAC's success stems from its high quality and low-cost products targeted at its target customers, and its “customer satisfaction is its goal” service is one of the most important strategies for JAC's success today. Recently, Jianghuai Light Truck Co., Ltd. won the second-tier Chinese auto service star rating campaign in China and won the prestigious title of “four-star service enterprise” with its high-quality service. The group's highest honor "Five-Star Service Enterprise Award" award. According to industry sources, the acquisition of this honor is exactly the result of Jianghuai's long-standing commitment to high-quality service and the creation of value for the user from the perspective of service. The five-star awards can be described as a real name.

It can be seen that the release of the LCC strategy, JAC is also to seize and take advantage of this long-term unremittingly built market advantage, further deepen breakthroughs in research, and actively innovate in technology, and then put forward the "LCC" strategy ----- "Minimum use cost", "Lifetime use cost" is the lowest, and "Create value" is the highest. This will surely become a major magic weapon for JAC light trucks to emerge, thus making JAC truly become a rich brand that provides consumers with more benefits and saves money for consumers.

This time, Jianghuai released the "LCC" strategy and put forward the slogan "Saving is also creating value and effectively adding value and creating wealth." It really allows consumers to experience unprecedented value for money, careful planning, and no consideration before choosing, choosing, and choosing. worry. Relevant experts pointed out that the introduction of the "LCC" strategy by the JAC light truck will affect China's light truck market for a long time to come.

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