How to solve the patent crisis in China's LED industry

At present, the issue of intellectual property rights is related to the sustainable development of the entire LED industry. If it cannot properly solve a series of industrial crises, how to resolve the industrial crisis caused by LED intellectual property rights is a key issue in the development of China's LED semiconductor lighting industry. The following are comments from several industry insiders on patents. The core technology patent litigation will not happen for the time being. Sun Yinsheng Beijing Deli Intellectual Property Service Co., Ltd. has a strong intellectual property awareness in the LED industry. However, Chinese companies have not yet reached the international stage. The core technology is still in the hands of international giants. Domestically used chips are still foreign technology, so the litigation of core patents will not occur for a while, and the risk of litigation is mainly concentrated in the application field. Therefore, in the future, domestic LED companies will have many disputes in the application or packaging field. The government plays a leading role in the patent strategy. Li Wei, deputy director of the Industrial Promotion Department of the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office, has a government-to-business strategy divided into four aspects. The first government should foster the intellectual property awareness and intellectual property use of the guiding enterprises. Ability; the second is the government to promote the application of the industry, to guide enterprises to develop and use patent information; the third is to create a patent application environment, such as the participation of the platform construction; the fourth is very important, that is, must increase patent protection, let enterprises See the value of the patent. The patent belongs to its own standard belongs to the public. The standard of the deputy director of the high-tech department of Guangdong Science and Technology Department of Yundanping is different from the patent. The patent is its own thing as a whole. The standard is the public thing, which is the difference between public and private rights. Therefore, in the field of LED, private rights and public rights should be clarified. China's LED industry core patents need to be carefully explored. Guo Jinxia, ​​Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Semiconductor Lighting Research and Development Center. Everyone said that the domestic LED industry has no core patents. I do not agree that domestic LED patents are more than 100,000 pieces in this huge patent data. There must be gold in the Chinese, so the Chinese LED industry does not have patent ammunition, but does not go to it seriously. If you own a patent, you must take the initiative to do something. You don’t want to provoke litigation, but you have to issue some warnings to tell foreign companies that China also has knowledge. Property rights, entering the Chinese market must also respect the intellectual property rights of Chinese companies. The main problem is to solve the problem of exporting intellectual property rights. The LED market of the LED Industry Patent Alliance is far from enough. The Chinese LED companies should go international and participate in global competition. In participating in global competition, It is necessary to solve the intellectual property risks faced by export; it also regulates the intellectual property rights of our own industry and raises the awareness of entrepreneurs on the issue of intellectual property rights. Therefore, in this context, the work and direction of the LED industry patent alliance is outside the Lord.

Aluminum Fan Blade

Aluminum Fan Blade Feature:

As you can see, cast aluminum is used in a number of different objects that most of us use on a daily basis. Why is it so popular and why do so many people use it? There are actually a dew reasons for the popularity.

As already mentioned, it is very strong and durable. It might not be as strong as cast iron, however, it is very close and certainly a type of metal that you can depend on when you need it the most. This is one reason that people choose this alloy, but they also like the cost. When compared to other metals, it is very cost effective. It can be purchased at a cost of about half of what you would spend on other types of metals and AL alloy.

This die cast type of aluminum is oftentimes used to produce many types of automobile parts. Additionally it is used to create many other products that people use each day. Even furniture can be created using this specific type of metal! Cookware is also commonly made of cast aluminum because it is so strong, patio furniture is also another place that cast aluminum is easy to find. It is a special type of metal alloy and before it can be used it has to go through what is called casting. This is a process that adds durability and strength to the material, as well as makes it more efficient for use. There are a few different ways that casting can occur, including through sand casting, die casting and mold casting. Die casting is usually the most popular method of casting.

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