·Jining Inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspects high-performance all-steel meridian heavy-duty tire forming equipment

On May 12, the staff of Shandong Jining Inspection and Quarantine Bureau came to KONE Tire Co., Ltd. to inspect the high-performance all-steel meridian heavy-duty tire forming equipment. This is an important equipment introduced by the project of “capacity replacement and construction of 2 million high-performance all-steel meridian heavy-duty tires”. It is designed to produce 5 million sets of high-performance all-steel radial truck tires with a total investment of 5 billion yuan.

Paint Matting Agent For Inks


1,Silica Matting Agent specially used For Printing Inks. Printing Inks divided into Gravure Printing Ink, Offset Printing Ink, Screen Printing Ink, and Printing Packing Material. Matte Screen Printing Ink is an oxidation drying ink with a low purchasing cost. Matte Screen Printing Ink provides matt finish. It is useful on papers, cards, and craft paper. Matte Screen Printing Ink has drying time as per PVC ink. Also, Matte Screen Printing Ink has a very mild odor.

2, Matting Agent is synthetic amorphous micronized precipitated silica appearing as white powder and for both solvent-based and water-based system. Advanced matting efficiency is achieved by using silica with high pore volume and by fine control of the particle size and particle size distribution. It provides a superior matting and flatting, excellent coating appearance and transparency, cost efficient, effective anti-settling agent and easy dispersion, smooth,abrasion resistant films of high surface quality. Silica Matting Agent reduce the gloss of a variety of products including coatings, paints, inks, lacquers, varnishes, while providing lower viscosity and better flow capability.


1,Surface smoothness and improvement in scratch resistance: These silicas have minimal effect on the physical properties, allowing development of smooth films with excellent hand-feel, scratch resistance and stain resistance.

2, High Matting Efficiency. High pore volume reach to 1.8-2.0 ml/g, and fine control of the particle size and particle size distribution.

3, Excellent transparency: High purity of silica product ensures that refractive index can inosculate with resin index.


Printing Inks, Gravure Printing Ink, Offset Printing Ink, Screen Printing Ink, Printing Packing Material.


1,Currently, Many paint/Coating manufacture will choose Chinese Products. To be honest, Chinese Product also have stable quality and the same performance VS the International products.The other things, Cost-effective for the end users. We are the reliable supplier for many countries and some International customers, such as AkzoNobel, Valspar, Nippon Paints, Dgl Camel, and PPG.

2,We focus on silica matting agent market about 25 years. Know exactly the customer`s requirements, have most experience about this silica products, provide the best service to the customers. We have strict control of the batch quality, the physical index and performance are strictly tested before delivery. Will ensure that stable products of different batch.

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