Total cobalt online analyzer water quality heavy metal analyzer

Special Cobalt On-line Analyzer Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer Model: R-Cobalt Total Cobalt On-line Analyzer Working Principle:
The instrument is based on the spectrophotometric principle of the determination of cobalt in the water of GB7471-87. The peristaltic pump is used for sample introduction and combined with optical quantification. The quantitative sample or reagent is injected into the reaction system for reaction and the measurement result is calculated directly after the reaction.

Total cobalt online analyzer application:
Widely used in wastewater treatment, pure water, circulating water, boiler water and other systems and electronic, electroplating, printing and dyeing, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other process areas, in the application of remote monitoring systems such as surface water and pollution source emissions monitoring and other powerful applications. In China, Honor provides product services to 2,000 customers.

The total cobalt online analyzer ensures high measurement accuracy:
â– Using American MasterFlex's peristaltic pump technology, constant speed â–  Adopting German imported thermostatic module to ensure the working environment of the electrode is not affected by the external environment â–  It has double filtration and can adapt to the water of high suspended matter, magazines and floating materials to ensure the product's stability:
â– Using US MasterFlex's peristaltic pump technology â– The sampling system adopts Germany's nine-way valve technology to completely get rid of the pressure aging of the pipeline. â–  Adopting the power system dedicated to the European power system, preventing electromagnetic interference and grid instability greatly reduce the after-sales cost:
â– Originally imported the world's most super-abrasive peristaltic pump tube â–  All piping using high temperature, anti-corrosion imported 3 fluorine, 4 fluorine material, diameter 1.5 mm, no plugging â–  storage capacity of 20,000 records, deposit Automatically overwrite the oldest data, the power-off data is not lost. â–  When the mains power is off, it can automatically stop working and stand by, automatically reset on power-on. â–  Regularly clean the pipeline (can be set time), every time the sample is cleaned. Road (set switch)
More comfortable operation:
â–  The sample preparation time is less than 3 minutes (no water sample from the sewage port to the sampler time) can be measured continuously.
â– Equipped with original imported 7 inch TFT 70000 color true color touch screen â– Original equipped with high quality micro industrial printer (set switch)
â– Schedule (can be set time), support remote start sample to ensure networking:
â–  With RS232 interface (convertible RS485 interface, communication protocol open), to meet the requirements of digital networking â–  With 4-20mA analog output (20mA corresponding range adjustable), can easily network measurement methods: nitroso red colorimetry test Range: (0 - 0.5) mg/l, (0-1) mg/l, (0 -5) mg/l, (0 -20) mg/l Four-range automatic switching total cobalt online analyzer detection offline : 0.01mg/l
Resolution: <0.001mg/l
Accuracy: standard solution <5%; water sample <10%
Reproducibility: < 5%
Measurement period: 30min, can be set without failure Running time: ≧ 720h / second span drift: ± 5% FS
Sample interval: continuous, 1 hour, 2 hours. . . 24 hours, triggering, and specified time point correction interval: Manually or automatically at a selected interval and time (1-7 days)
Cleaning interval: manually or automatically at selected intervals and times (1-7 days)
Maintenance interval:> 1 month, about 1 hour each time Reagent consumption: about 720 samples per set of man-machine interface: 7-inch, 70,000 colors, 800*480 resolution, TFT true color touch screen printing: Reserved printer Interface, external industrial micro printer (optional)
Storage: 20,000 data, no power loss, full automatic coverage of the oldest data (up to 40,000 data can be added)
Communication interface: 1 RS232 digital interface or RS485, support MODBUS communication protocol or custom protocol
1 channel analog 4-20mA (20mA corresponding range adjustable)
Pre-treatment system: self-cleaning, back blowing, and precision filtration functions ensure that the sample is well representative while avoiding clogging of pipelines with large suspended particles (optional)
Dimensions 900×600×450(mm) Weight 50kg
Power supply AC 220V ± 20%, 50Hz ± 1% power 300W
Ambient temperature 5 to 40°C Ambient humidity ≤85%

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