·Car companies enter the mobile Internet field to change profit model

According to foreign media inautonews reports, traditional car manufacturers are currently actively expanding their business scope, which expands its business to the field of connected services.
Since the birth of the car, car manufacturers have been committed to providing consumers with excellent automotive products that are convenient for consumers to travel. However, with the rapid development of current technology and the beginning of technology manufacturers entering the automotive industry, the business of traditional car manufacturers has been greatly affected. To this end, traditional vendors are starting to look for new businesses. At present, many auto manufacturers have begun to enter the field of interconnected services.
Daimler acquired the software patent for RideScout in 2014 and added it to its own moovel smartphone app, which provides consumers with advice on a variety of travel tools, including taxis, bicycles, and buses. Cars, trains, etc. With the current shift in consumer spending habits, automakers are beginning to make adjustments to meet consumer demand. Automotive manufacturers involved in the field of wireless interconnection will help them to attract more potential consumers while providing convenient interconnection services for consumers, and indirectly promote business improvement.


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