Technical improvement measures for the problem of high exhaust gas temperature of air compressor

1 production directly threatens the realization of the company's production and operation objectives.

1 The key question is that the flow orifice plate is a circular plate with a circular hole in the middle of the block. The inner diameter of the circular hole has a proportional relationship with the diameter of the pipe. It has a cylindrical inflow surface and a conical outflow surface. When the fluid filled with the pipe flows through the orifice, local shrinkage will occur, the stream will concentrate, the flow rate will increase, and the static pressure will decrease. Thus, a static pressure difference is generated before and after the orifice plate, and the pressure difference has a certain functional relationship with the flow rate. The greater the flow, the greater the pressure difference. The orifice plate is a sophisticated flow measuring device for measuring the flow of clean liquid gases or vapors, which contain oil and moisture.

The oil stain adheres to it and not only affects the measurement accuracy of the orifice plate. The measurement lost meaning. After a long time, the sludge blocked the orifice plate, and the pore diameter became smaller, which made the instrument value and the actual production of the root cause of the unsatisfactory operation of the air compressor.

Analysis of 2 Questions 2.1 Theoretical Analysis The parameters of air compressor interlock protection alarm shutdown include pressure temperature flow, etc., parameter alarm and interlock value during air compressor operation.

Exhaust pressure lubricating oil pressure bearing temperature violation exhaust gas exhaust flow temperature, warning value parking value high temperature weather, level exhaust temperature often high shutdown, all aspects of the existence of. The following focuses on the physical quantities associated with the stage exhaust temperature. Assume that the air compressor stage intake pressure is the port flow rate of the stage exhaust pressure, the amount is 2, and the gas pressure in the intermediate stage cylinder is required to remain stable during the production process. The exhaust flow rate 32 can be stabilized. Therefore, for the controlled amount of the object, the condition that the stage intake pressure 1 is substantially unchanged is satisfied. When the static balance of 1 and 2 is broken, the severity of the cylinder gas changes. According to the material balance system, the gas flow rate of the Q2 outflow stage cylinder can be obtained. Because the gas pressure is not high, the gas in the cylinder can be approximated as an ideal gas. According to the gas state equation V gas specific volume R0 gas constant T0 gas in the cylinder The temperature can be obtained from the above formula = 1 = condition 010 in the form of quantity, and the derivative can be obtained. When the pressure in the cylinder is changed, 22 also changes accordingly. The relationship between the amount of change of the hypothetical is the private cylinder here. The resistance to the exhaust of the gas storage tank is called the gas resistance.

It can be written in the form of Laplace change. The mathematical model of the pressure object is the order response curve, where is the specific volume of the cylinder, the ruler is the gas constant, 1 is the time constant, and is proportional to the ruler 2, and the air resistance The larger the level, the higher the exhaust temperature, and vice versa.

2.2 Practice test and improvement measures The equipment is the same as the 2100 type, the 2 and 8 machines are compared, and the machine is turned on at the same time. After the operation is stable, the two-stage exhaust temperature is 1550, and the 8 is 130. The difference is 250. The difference is 17 For the pre-installation, 8 machine installation, there is no single flow orifice plate installed between the class cylinder and the gas storage tank, the air resistance is small, and the exhaust is smooth.

When the orifice plate is removed, there are oil stains and gel on the end surface of the orifice plate. Due to wear or corrosion, the flatness of the plane of the orifice plate and the smoothness of the inner surface of the orifice are not guaranteed, and the sharpness of the inlet edge is To the destruction, it has become blunt and rounded. The result is a reduction in the degree of shrinkage of the fluid after the orifice at the same flow rate. The differential pressure is continuously reduced, which will result in an increasingly large, negative flow error.

A flow meter is installed on the main pipeline that does not affect the metering test. Without affecting production. After theoretical analysis and practice testing. Take measures to remove the single-piece orifice plate. The health has improved. The exhaust temperature of the class has been reduced from the original average of 1571 to 1430, which solves the problem of excessive shutdown of the summer-grade exhaust gas temperature for many years. The number of overhauls was reduced from an average of 15 times before the renovation to 2 or 3 times now. It relieves the workload of the mechanical air pressure maintenance staff. The annual cost of materials and spare parts can be reduced by nearly 1.2 million yuan.

3 Conclusion By adopting improvement measures, the problem of air compressors in the air compressor station is effectively controlled, the service life of the equipment is prolonged, the consumption of spare parts is reduced, the production cost is reduced, the equipment operation rate is increased, and the normal production of gas units is ensured.

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Through practice, the above methods are effective in solving the process problems caused by turning thin-walled parts. It not only ensures the processing quality of the products, but also improves the labor productivity.

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