Deutz FAW Dachai boosts China's construction machinery companies to the world's high-end power

The Shanghai International BMW Exhibition, not long ago, was an unprecedented event. At this year’s exhibition that featured a theme of technological upgrading, if the hosts of some of the well-known big brands in the country were compared to a safflower that supported competition, the core components were: A piece of lush green leaves. Among these greenery, DEUTZ products produced by Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DDE) are particularly eye-catching.

As the largest joint-venture company outside Germany of Deutz AG, DDE is the youngest among China's internal combustion engine manufacturers. Although only a few years after entering the market, compared with some domestic internal combustion engine companies that have entered the field of construction machinery for decades, participating in the international top BMW exhibition is somewhat immature, but at the 2010 BMW show, DDE and the world project The originator of the mechanical diesel engine Deutz of Germany was in a booth. On the one hand, Germany’s Deutz, on the other hand, is DDE’s Deutz, and it’s true that it is in the same vein and is competitive on the same stage. A newborn baby born from a century-old enterprise can inherit the fine traditions of the originators and develop at the same time. This DDE company is very confident that Deutz products in Dalian, China are not only of the same quality as those in Germany. And more economical and more affordable. Deutz is a world-renowned engine manufacturer and has entered the Chinese construction machinery market for decades. Its market maturity and user acceptance are unique to the current Chinese market. DDE and German Deutz have kept three synchronizations from the beginning: technology synchronization, quality synchronization and sales synchronization. At present, there are more than 10 German high-level technical backbones in DDE, which is unique to any company outside of Germany. The three six-cylinder engines participating in this exhibition are also similar to Deutz of Germany. The technology is the most advanced in the world. DDE's product technology is not a simple technology transfer from the west to the east, but is developed with the characteristics of the Chinese market. China's engineering machinery has certain differences with foreign countries in terms of operating conditions, application conditions, and use environments, and is even more complex. This imposes higher requirements on the matching and adaptability of engines for construction machinery, and is sometimes uncertain. The request. For the whole machine, a strong match evaluation method is a major advantage of Deutz. This advantage is fully carried forward by DDE. Users do not need to go to the construction site to check the matching situation. They can make different solutions for various operating conditions before the engine is sold out, do a variety of matching, and pass it to the user after the evaluation of the system evaluation. Shorten the cycle of users entering the market.

Representatives of a group of well-known domestic companies, such as Xugong, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, and Volvo R&D, all came to the DDE booth. From these customer representatives and Deutz FAW Dachai people's conversation, they are like old friends. Learn more about the fact that in the domestic construction machinery market, although DDE is a latecomer, but because of their noble birth, the aristocracy's lineage made them a very high starting point. From the outset, the market was positioned on medium-to-high end products. Becomes the object of DDE. In less than three years, it has already provided volume supply for domestic Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Xugong Technology, Foton Lovol, and has achieved Liugong Group, Lovol Heavy Industry, Dingsheng Tiangong, Shantui Group, etc. Supporting the completion of the prototype provided by XGMG and YTO Group.

After experiencing a global economic crisis, most of the world’s construction machinery needs have been declining, especially the excavators with a relatively high technological content, known as the crown of construction machinery. While the domestic construction machinery stands out against the backdrop of Changyang’s development, in 2010 there was a lot of excavation. The companies that started the business in the machine market are doing nothing. The excavator industry in the country has experienced the embarrassment of more than 20 years. In the past one or two years, it has accumulated a lot. In 2010, China accounted for 25% to 30% of the domestic excavator industry. The exaggeration of the import market share caused foreign industry insiders to lose sight. The rapid growth of excavating machinery and the rapid market warming have provided DDE with a vast application. At present, excavator equipments of some well-known domestic large enterprises have already considered the standard selection of the DDE engine, only with a certain well-known manufacturers, once signed Three years, 18,000 units of orders.

For the Deutz FAW Dachai people, many new faces are potential markets. A representative of a large engineering machinery manufacturing company in Shandong told reporters that they entered the excavator industry in the past two years. In the 12th Five-Year Plan of the company, excavators are the main development direction. They have done to the domestic diesel engine market. After full investigation, this time to find DDE, through the conversation with Deutz FAW Dachai people, DDE will climb a high branch.

Not only that, DDE has also climbed up to a group of internationally renowned companies such as BMW, Wirtgen, Putzmeister, Atlas Copco, Liebherr, Benma, etc., which are wholly-owned enterprises in China. In the world are the first brand. At the same time, a total of 28 Chinese forklift companies represented by Heli, Daichao, and Hangcha matched the DDE engine in the forklift's high-end area, and the sales volume has increased steadily year by year. At present, DDE products have fully entered the field of construction machinery, covering concrete pumping equipment, road machinery, excavators, loaders, forklifts, air compressor equipment, generator sets, oilfield equipment, airport equipment, lifting equipment, etc. It can be said that DDE has been fully developed in the field of domestic construction machinery. As of January-November 2010, production and sales volume increased by 176% year-on-year, and sales revenue increased by 185%.

At the exhibition, it was felt through interviews with some DDE users that the price of these engines was not always the first priority. A vice president of Jiangsu Huo De Group humorously said that we are not bad, we most value is the after-sales service. Among the batch of customers who come to visit, there are many familiar faces for DDE. Some of these customers were transferred from old customers in Deutz, Germany, and some were foreign customers of other engines. These customers shared the service of DDE Global Warranty. A sales manager from Atlas Copco (ShangHai) in Sweden introduced that their company is ranked ninth in the production of air compressors in the world, and is the company with the highest market share in China. It has been using Deutz in Germany. The engine started to use DDE products the previous year and the users responded well. They are going to increase the usage of DDE. DDE's global warranty service system is the main aspect of attracting them, because their products are mainly exported, and after-sales service is They choose the first condition of the matching. When asked about the price gap between the DDE product and Germany's Deutz, the manager said that as long as the quality is not much different, the price is not the main factor of our choice. The key is to look at the delivery period and the later period. In the past, engines imported from foreign countries took at least three months or more, and DDE's products have greatly shortened our production cycle, and the cost has naturally come down. More importantly, after many years of domestic and international For the examination of high-end engines, we believe that the service system of DDE Global Warranty is currently the only one in the world.

At the DDE booth, a representative from Anhui Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. said that the highway construction project is mainly to fight equipment, eating mechanical rice, equipment failure is normal, but as long as the solution is timely, it will not affect the user. The normal use is the best equipment. In the past, they had bought equipment from abroad, but foreign service outlets were few and the service personnel were limited. At the same time, the prices of accessories were very high. Now that there are two equipments on the construction site, one is homemade and one is imported. The engine is a key component. . The user stated that we should come to a single point now and try our best to choose a domestically produced, cost-effective and timely service engine. After Deutz FAW Dachai people introduced in detail, the user nodded frequently.

A representative of the German wholly-owned company Shanghai Gaco Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. said that they used the original imported engine. In 2009, they changed to DDE. Now it seems that this option is wise, and DDE has lifted them. Worry. A number of well-known domestic companies from high-level leaders to the business manager of the export department to the technical staff of the R&D center have come to the DDE booth one after another for several days. DDE has been listed as a strategic supplier by the Group's excavators in various aspects of business interaction. The person in charge of the group’s export department said that we have used the engine of another big brand in the past, but after-sales service has caused great headaches for us. Due to the differences in understanding of after-sales service between domestic and foreign companies, there are problems that push each other out and affect us. The market image, so we are determined to change the engine's supply channels, DDE is an ideal goal. No matter how well-known brands abroad, they all regard after-sales service as a channel for earning high profits. What DDE differs from is that Deutz covers more than 1200 UNPROFOR service stations worldwide and FAW Group's services for users. The combination of ideas, the integration of this advantage is the greatest advantage of DDE.

The best opportunity for the Chinese construction machinery industry to usher in development in 2010 will be a 50% increase in sales from January to September 2010. The estimated annual output value will reach 400 billion yuan and will reach 900 billion yuan in the 12th five-year period. In the next 20 years, China will enter a period of rapid urban development, which will bring significant development opportunities to China's construction machinery. Under the background of urbanization, construction machinery will usher in unprecedented opportunities for development. Although China has become a world leader in the construction machinery industry, it still has a long way to go before it is a manufacturing powerhouse for engineering machinery. During the process of moving from a manufacturing powerhouse to a manufacturing powerhouse, key components, especially the most important components, have become the industry. The bottleneck of development. Therefore, improving the grades of key components and accelerating the pace of progress in the international market are the two major trends in the development of China's construction machinery industry. In the Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the construction machinery industry, the breakthrough and improvement of key components will be an important task. In addition, compared with developed countries, the emission standards for China's construction machinery still remain at a low level. In China's current largest construction site in the world, this issue that is inconsistent with China's increasing environmental protection standards has long caused the height of the relevant state departments. To attach importance to solving this problem requires the government's decision-making and support on the one hand, and the need for corporate efforts on the other. The development goals of DDE are exactly in line with the future development trend of China's construction machinery. This is due to the fact that construction machinery is the traditional market of Germany's Deutz, and it has always led the world market for construction machinery engines, both technically and in service. Currently, all high-end construction machinery products in the Chinese market use imported original machines, so DDE is not only The situation of high-end dynamics of China's construction machinery will be broken by the long-term monopoly of foreign countries. On the other hand, with the back-selling of a large number of parts and components of DDE and the influence of Deutz International Market, China's construction machinery will be driven to the international market. In this sense, DDE is working with well-known domestic construction machinery companies to explore the international market.

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