Fertilizer import tariff quotas allocated to 116 companies in 2011

The Ministry of Commerce of China stated on Wednesday that according to its commitment to join the WTO, it announced that the distribution of China's import tariff quotas for chemical fertilizers in 2011 was 6.9 million tons of diammonium phosphate, 3.3 million tons of urea, and 3.45 million tons of compound fertilizer, which were all in line with the previous year.
According to the Ministry of Commerce website press release and the list of enterprise quotas for import tariffs on chemical fertilizers in 2011, a total of 116 local and central enterprises have obtained this quota.
Among them, the central enterprise China Agricultural Production Information Group Co., Ltd. obtained a quota of 1,934,000 tons of diammonium phosphate, and China Sinochem Corporation received a quota of 175.6 tons of urea, ranking first among the two fertilizer quotas.
China National Chemical Construction Corporation ranks first in the import tariff quota of 83 tons of compound fertilizers.
Earlier this month, to ease the trend of increasing chemical fertilizer prices, the Ministry of Finance moderately lowered the benchmark price for export tariffs for off-season fertilizers, including urea and diammonium phosphate. According to the calculation formula, this is equivalent to reducing the preferential rate of off-season export tax rates.

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