Bohai Equipment Breaks Billion Billion Revenue for Three Consecutive Years

As of December 24, the sales revenue of China National Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. achieved 10.66 billion yuan, and completed various production and business targets this year. At this point, the company has exceeded 10 billion yuan in revenue for three consecutive years.
This year, Bohai Equipment Co., Ltd. takes the transformation of development methods and realizes the effective development of enterprises as the main line, highlighting the two major themes of management and creating profits. Through structural optimization, basic management, and capital construction, Baohai Equipment Co., Ltd. achieves security, growth, profitability, and security. Goals.
The science and technology-led three-tier technology quality management system and two-level science and technology research and development system have integrated scientific and technological research and development resources, built a “one-hospital four” organizational structure, and accelerated the pace of research and development. At present, the company's two national-level projects are progressing smoothly and 14 major company-level research projects have been completed. Successfully introduced three advanced technologies, completed two national-level major special phase tasks such as coal bed gas drilling rigs, and six scientific research achievements of 13 group company-level scientific research projects to fill gaps in the domestic market, and the company’s core competitiveness continued to increase.

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