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Introduction The truck lift flatbed transporter is a combination of the truck crane and the flatbed transporter. It can be used as a multi-purpose vehicle. It can be used as a truck crane, or it can be used as an engineering transporter or a cargo transporter; the truck crane flatbed transporter is commonly used. All kinds of loading and unloading, installation of lifting operations, especially for lifting in the field, in the station, port, warehouse, construction sites and other narrow places.

The commonly used models include the Dongfeng lorry crane flatbed transporter and the Tianlong front four rear eight flatbed transporter.

Job Requirements 1. If you are very knowledgeable about your own vehicle, you must know his function and limitations, as well as some of its special operating characteristics.
2, should be fully familiar with the contents of the operation manual of the lifting crane truck.
3, should be fully familiar with the truck crane truck lifting map. Must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings; be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of the on-board crane truck.
4, according to the requirements of the manufacturer, regular inspection and maintenance of truck lifting transport.
5, do a good job with the car lifting transport log, in the log records: all inspections, maintenance and maintenance of the lorry on the transport of a detailed record.
6, find the load, install the lock, and find out the specific location of the load. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he does not verify the weight with the supervisor, he is responsible for the lifting of the vehicle and all consequences.
7. Consider all factors that may affect the hoisting capacity of the truck, and adjust the hoisting weight accordingly.
8, know how to load the basic procedures for rigging, and ensure the implementation of specific operations.
9. Keep good communication with the signallers.
10, smooth and safe operation with the car lifting and transport.
11. When the truck is being lifted and transported and no one is operating, the work should be stopped and operated correctly.

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