General requirements for safe operation of equipment

1. Before starting the equipment and turning on the power, clean the working site, carefully check whether the handle positions are correct and flexible, and whether the safety devices are complete and reliable.
2. Before starting the equipment, check whether the amount of oil in the oil pool and the oil tank is sufficient and whether the oil path is smooth.
3. When shifting, various shift levers must be switched to the specified position.
4. The workpiece must be firmly clamped to avoid loosening and causing accidents.
5. The clamped workpiece must not be calibrated again to avoid damaging the accuracy of the equipment.
6. Always keep the lubrication tool and the lubrication system clean. Do not open the fuel tank or the oil eye lid to prevent foreign matter such as dust or iron chips from entering.
7. The cover of the electrical box must be covered when starting the equipment. Oil, water, oil, etc. must not be allowed to enter the motor or electrical equipment.
8. The equipment is not allowed to stack tools or products on the exposed reference surface or sliding surface, so as to avoid impact on the accuracy of the equipment.
9. It is forbidden to use the device with over performance and overload.
10. When taking automatic control, you must first adjust the limit device so as not to cause accidents beyond the trip.
11. When the equipment is in operation, the operator must not leave the work position, and always pay attention to whether or not there is any abnormality in each part. If the fault is found, the operator should immediately stop the operation and remove it in time. All faults that cannot be excluded by the operator should be promptly notified to the maintenance workers for removal.
12. When the operator leaves the device or loads or unloads the workpiece and adjusts, cleans, or lubricates the device, stop and cut off the power supply.
13. Do not arbitrarily remove the safety protection device on the device.
14. When adjusting or repairing the equipment, use the demolition tools correctly.
15. The personnel should concentrate their thinking, wear safety requirements, and stand in a safe position.

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