The new BMW Brilliance engine went into production in 2016

The new BMW Brilliance engine went into production in 2016 Brilliance Bao immediately held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new engine plant in Tiexi District, Shenyang. The new engine plant will be implemented in phases according to the overall plan. The first phase will be started this year and will be put into production in 2016. It is expected that the most advanced engine products of BMW will be produced and will be supplied to domestic models, with a planned annual production capacity of 400,000 units.

It is reported that BMW Brilliance's new engine plant will have BMW's first foundry outside Germany, and is BMW's second global foundry. The light metal foundry will use BMW's latest low-pressure metal-type molding technology, while using a new type of inorganic environmentally friendly adhesives instead of traditional organic binders to make sand cores, so that the production of harmful substances in the process is close to zero. Thanks to this innovative production technology, BMW's light metal casting production can reduce engine internal combustion residue emissions by 98%. The design and construction of BMW Brilliance's new foundry workshop is dedicated to the re-innovation of BMW's latest technology in Germany. Once completed, it will become one of the most advanced modern production workshops in the world and will lead the development of the domestic light metal foundry industry. By then, BMW Brilliance's new engine plant will also become the most advanced and cleanest engine plant in the Chinese automotive industry.

At present, the new engine plant project is progressing smoothly as planned. During the year, the BMW Brilliance R&D Center will be formally established. These efforts have verified the long-term commitment of BMW Brilliance to the Chinese market and have continuously strengthened the competitive strength of BMW Brilliance in the future.


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