Shenzhen held electronic equipment expo industrial robots sought after

The “2013 China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo” hosted by Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association was held in Shenzhen from August 7th to August 9th. A number of leading enterprises in the industry are carrying new materials, technologies and smart equipment products for display, and a number of high-precision, automated robot products are officially unveiled. Analysts pointed out that the domestic robot industry is developing rapidly, and a large number of large enterprises with capital and technical strength are actively entering the field of robotics. Given the future prospects of the domestic robot market in the broad market funds are starting to think actively layout robot concepts related to listed companies.

High-end industrial robots unveiled

It is understood that the scale exposition of 23,000 square meters, on display at Han's Laser, JT Automation, Jusco and Technology Branch letter, such as Folungwin more than 280 intelligent electronic production equipment, automation equipment, electronic tools, electrical and mechanical equipment and light new materials, components, show our country and the world of electronic equipment, advanced technology and the latest equipment.

On the electronic equipment industry Expo debut industrial robots undoubtedly be the highlight of the show. NC Central on the booth, equipped with a six-axis articulated robot attracts a large degree of freedom exhibitors eye. According to company sales manager, which the industrial robot application is independent research and development of new products, for the first time on display in Shenzhen, we have been on a good cooperation projects with large companies, including Foxconn, the next batch is expected to introduce industrial property around the country New Area.

"Because of this robot are high-end smart products, compared to other simple ordinary robot industrial robots, its higher level of sophistication, will be a wider range of applications, single-product price of 80 million yuan, is a fully automated industrial robots Mainly replacing artificially engaged in some high-risk jobs. With the maturity of the industrial robot market, China will also have the same robot-operated unmanned workshops as Europe and the United States.” The above-mentioned sales manager said that the domestic industrial robot industry is developing rapidly. small companies and research institutions are committed to innovation and industrial robots, the future is expected to change key parts of the robot subject to foreign situation.

In addition, the four joint industrial robot 600 from the horizontal Volkswagen industry, to build single-axis robot models of various specifications automation platform, 331 standard platform for robot dispensing, handling, solder and other functions of a variety of industrial applications such as robot participants also won the attention of many people. It is understood that the Expo will also set up a special exhibition area with the theme of international robotics and automation, and hold a special forum on Shenzhen industrial robot technology and application.

Robot concept detonated soon

The emergence of a group of machine workers is becoming a sign of the rapid start of the domestic robot market. According to industry analysts, with the rise in labor costs, the original labor-based model will gradually be replaced by a robot-led model, and some large companies have long begun to think about the strategy of using large-scale machine workers. At the previous Shenzhen High-tech Exhibition, many industrial robot manufacturers announced that they have received a large number of orders from large industrial enterprises. It is expected that industrial parks across the country will be filled with “machine workers” in the future.

Some analysts pointed out that China is currently the fastest growing market in the global robotics industry. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the world industrial robot market is promising, and the market demand for Chinese industrial robots will begin to erupt in 2014. According to the data of HC Industrial Robot Network, the number of robots currently in service in China has accounted for about 8% of the global total. At the same time, the total demand for robots in the Chinese market will be around 35,000 units in the next few years, accounting for 16.9% of the global total.

Although the market start-up time is not yet clear, due to the considerable investment value of robots, some strategic investors have begun to lay out the domestic industrial robots sector. According to statistics, many fund companies have started to increase their holdings of robot-related concepts from the first quarter of this year. Some of them have intensively researched robot-related listed companies from May to July this year. In the eyes of the industry, with the turning point of the demographic dividend and the rising cost of low-end labor, machine replacement will become an industry trend, and the future robot industry will give birth to more investment opportunities.

Analysts believe that with the rapid development of the robot industry, the market size is expected to exceed one trillion in the next two years. In addition, the recent AI International Conference and the 3rd China International Intelligent Industry Expo will be held one after another. To improve, a group of newly listed companies involved in the robot industry is expected to gain the favor of funds.

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