Cadillac to Introduce CUE Mobile Internet System

Cadillac to Introduce CUE Mobile Internet System The Cadillac XTS, which will be listed in the first quarter of the year, is one of the most attentioned models this year. The Cadillac CUE mobile interconnection system that was first introduced is the biggest highlight of the new car. According to Chen Weixu, Marketing Director of Shanghai General Motors Cadillac, CUE will provide a revolutionary driving experience through visual, intuitive, connected, and open people-to-vehicle communication models. In the next few years, Cadillac will be equipped with all of its models. Item system.

It is understood that the development of CUE began in 2008. In the initial stage, the system designers conducted a six-month follow-up survey of 32 drivers, recorded large amounts of data for their driving habits, and then engineers and designers Based on these data, the engineers started R&D, and finally through advanced technology applications, they perfectly combined luxurious design, intuitive technology and extremely powerful custom-built vehicle-mounted connections.

The CUE system is mainly composed of a center console, a steering wheel control device, a dashboard display screen, and a voice recognition system. The core device of the entire system is a center console screen and a touch panel. CUE adopts the dual LCD screen information layout mode to realize dual-image information flying and interaction between the LCD screen and the center console touch screen. CUE's operation can be input through the touch screen, steering wheel operation and voice control three input methods, and its intelligent interaction level can be compared with the current top IT products.

In addition, as the demand for mobile Internet is becoming more and more intense, the CUE of the onboard networking and multi-device interconnection has been realized, and it can easily achieve real-time interaction with users, networks, and mobile phones. CUE is not only connected to USB, but also to 10 types of Bluetooth devices. After integrating the OnStar vehicle telematics service system, the CUE can also use the communication technology of the remote monitoring system of the human vehicle to assist the user in remotely monitoring and manipulating the vehicle.

According to Chen Weixu, Cadillac, which is committed to innovation, will continue to work hard to realize the unlimited improvement and extension of CUE in service, and to the greatest extent meet the users' needs for safety, convenience, and entertainment functions in the driving process.


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