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Introduction to High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicles The principle of high-pressure cleaning vehicles is to turn steel wires that can be bent and elastic into the blocked sewers by rotating them, and bring them out of the plugs, hair and the like. There is also a tool called a shot pass, which is a pressure relief tool that uses a high pressure principle to open the blocked sewer. This is the principle that is commonly used in life to open up blocked pipes. The pipelines used by industrial pipelines are relatively different from the ones used for the size of pipelines. The pipelines with 100 mm channels are as dredging as household sewers.
A tanker truck equipped with a high-pressure water pump cleans the sediments of the city's sewers and clears the sewers. It can also be used for cleaning industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc., and can also be used for watering, transporting water and flushing roads, and can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency.
The high-pressure cleaning vehicle is installed on the basis of the second type of original chassis. The upper part is the tank body and the high-pressure pump is configured. High-pressure pump model: 3DS-8/16, GYB-8/16, Pressure: 16-19Mpa , Flow rate: 8m3/h, hose length: 60m, reeling force: 1800 N, hose inner diameter: φ19 mm, connector type: 0, reeling speed: 0-25m/min, hole clamp angle: 15°, 25° advancement Force: ≥180 N.
Dedicated function description
Spray rack cleaning width (m): 2.5-3.5
Spray rack deflection angle (°) : Left and right 30 each
The highest cleaning pressure (Mpa): 9
Cleaning water flow (L/min) : 120
Spray flow rate (L/min): 120
Cleaning width (m): ≥ 16
Cleaning water flow (L/min): 500-800
Water gun range (m): ≥ 38
1. The cleaning width of jetting rack is 2.5m-3.5m, which can be arbitrarily controlled. When the telescopic boom shrinks, it can achieve double-flow enhanced cleaning and is suitable for cleaning urban roads and squares;
2. The left and right corner sprays are suitable for cleaning curbs, guardrails, and sidewalks;
3. High pressure spray gun cleaning;
4. Spray system, can spray dust, adjust air humidity and spray air disinfectant;
5. Low-pressure flushing and water cooling; with a unique pre-spray (water), after-blow device;
6. Road marking cleaning mechanism; suitable for cleaning road markings;
7. Noise-clearing wall cleaning mechanism, suitable for cleaning urban elevated wall noise-blocking wall;
8. Fence cleaning brush, suitable for cleaning highway and urban road guardrail;
9. Hydraulic lifting platform, suitable for cleaning and maintenance of high-altitude facilities in urban roads and highways;
10. Push snow shovel for road snow removal.
11. Self-priming function, green irrigation and auxiliary fire fighting function.

High pressure cleaning truck classification [1] 3 cubic high pressure cleaning truck
5 cubic high pressure cleaning car
6 cubic high pressure cleaning car
8 cubic high pressure cleaning vehicle
12 cubic high pressure cleaning vehicle

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Operational Precautions Requirements for Water Sources When the high-pressure cleaning vehicle uses a river ditch or a pond as a water source, be careful that all the ends of the suction pipe do not enter the water. In order to avoid inhaling stones or more sand and drift debris, the suction pipe end is generally provided with a filtering device, and it is forbidden to remove the filtering device during the water absorption. If the water source is shallow, it is necessary to dig up the water absorption area in advance so as to ensure that it does not contain impurities and air. Before adding water to the centrifugal water pump, it must add a certain amount of water to the water pump. After the water is added, the water inlet must be closed. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, it is necessary to add water, and it is unnecessary to add water afterwards. When the water inlet pipe must be vacuumed , the inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to draw water into the tank. The inlet pipe system must be sealed reliably, the hose can not be damaged, the hard pipe can not have cracks, otherwise it will have a phenomenon of air leakage, which will result in the situation that it cannot suck water. Before the parking high- speed car is suctioned or before the work is performed, the power take-off device must be parked. Winter dewatering Before the advent of winter, the water in the pumps and pipes should be vented to prevent freezing. The northern part of the country is generally no longer under construction during the severe winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the pump and the water pipe will be drained immediately to prevent future problems. Periodically, the sewage storage tank of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle is provided with a sewage pipe. The entrance of the pipe is the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, the discharge pipe switch should be opened periodically to remove the accumulated debris from the tank until the water becomes clear.

Maintenance steps Before cleaning, the body surface temperature should be cooled below 60°C, and the ambient temperature should be maintained at 0-40°C. The water gun is more than 15 cm away from the body paint surface. The order of flushing is from the roof to both sides. When rinsing the grille part in front of the car, misty water flow should be used, and the water column should not be flushed against the fins of the water tank or condenser. If the plastic arch cover is installed at the mudguard, it should be removed and cleaned, and the mudguard should be thoroughly cleaned. , Fender inside.
1. It is to clear away the remains of the car body. You can use the all-round descaling water to wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Then wring out the dustless cotton cloth with the car wash liquid, dry the car paint along the direction perpendicular to the car's driving direction. Car wash on the surface.
Finally, rinse the car wash thoroughly with plenty of clean water, and dry it with a synthetic sheepskin towel. Wipe dry to achieve the whole car water-free traces, glass stainless
2. High-pressure water gun cleaning is to use the high-pressure water gun to wash away the dirt that is contaminated on the surface of the car body from top to bottom, then rinse the back of the car body, and finally wash the lower part of the car. This step is to pay attention to the need to fully flush the chassis and thoroughly clean the edges, bends, fenders, etc. Particular care should be taken to thoroughly clean the sand and dirt from the wheels, brake discs, fenders, front grilles, door frames, and skirts.
3 is to wipe, use a car wash sponge shampoo car shampoo, wipe the body again, if contaminated objects are not easy to remove, you can repeatedly wipe, pay attention to wipe the body up and down the sponge to be used separately, so as not to scratch the body under the sand paint body paint. Then rinse with high-pressure water, in particular, to clean the seams at the car seams, foam at the corners, etc.
4. Apply liquid to spill the shampoo car wash on the body. There are two methods, one is to use multi-functional high-pressure foam washing machine, spray evenly, to the upper and lower regularly shaking nozzle; the second is manual preparation, that is, according to a certain proportion of shampoo car wash liquid, do not use washing powder, soapy water, Dewaxing detergent.

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