Cable slide structure

The structure of the cable slip line
1, track: length of 6m or 4m
2. Hanger: used to suspend the track, bolts stop, so that the guide rail can not move. Elliptical mounting holes can correct the linearity of the track.
3. Coupling connector: Coupling connector 3.1 Cold-rolled steel plate is rolled and formed, and the two guide rails can be connected and extended by bolts. 3.2 The cylindrical steel pipe welded at both ends of the track is configured with corresponding bolts, and its structure is simple and reliable.
4, beginning, end: 4.1 beginning: the beginning of the rail, the beginning of the fixed cable, one end into the cable car, one end into the power box. 4.2 end: installed at the end of the rail to prevent the first car .....
5, Carry Trolley: 5.1 first car: The first car is a tractor with a cable trolley, which drives the motion of the rear trolley by the traction of other moving bodies. Four totally enclosed rolling bearings are used as walking wheels. Very flexible, can be used for dusty occasions. 5.2 Intermediate Trolley: The cable carrying trolleys in the middle use fully enclosed bearings. The clamped cable part is distributed with a curved soft rubber cushion, and each cable carrying trolley is directly towed by a flexible steel wire rope (chain) to ensure that the cable is not damaged. Both the first car and the middle cable car have crash buffers to ensure that the car is not impacted by each other during operation.
6, fork: Traction arm 6.1 Flexible traction 6.2 rigid traction
Third, the main technical data of the cable slip line
1, rated voltage: AC750V or less.
2. Each core wire material and cross-sectional area: Rubber sheath flat flexible cable, stranded copper core wire 1.5-50mm2 3, Ambient temperature: -20°C~+90°C 4, Four-wheel trolley running speed:
Fourth, Cable slip line configuration (Cable slip line configuration)
1. Each HXDL cable sled has a standard length of 4 meters or 6 meters. According to 2 meters, one hanger, one pulley, and the number of couplers are equal to the total number of ropes.
2. Each line is equipped with 1 first car, 1 fork, 1 set at the beginning and end.
3, the length of the wire rope is 1.2 times the length of the slide rail + the length of the trolley, and each wire pulley is equipped with 2 pulleys.
4. The length of the cable is 1.2 times the length of the slide rail + the length of the trolley and the length of the power supply junction box.
Remarks: Users can update the accessories according to actual needs. The product implements Three Guarantees. Users are welcome to sign up. Yangzhou City Angli Electric Co., Ltd. will be dedicated to customer service. It is a cable slide guide rail in the feeding technology of mobile vehicles. Make our due efforts.

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