Talc powder purification technology

1. Flotation is due to the natural floatability of talc . Therefore, the hydrocarbon oil collector can be floated. The collector used is kerosene, oil as flotation frother. The foam produced by methyl isobutyl methoxide (MIBC) is brittle and easy to obtain high quality concentrate. The talc flotation process is relatively simple, and only one rough selection, one sweep, and 2-4 selections can be used to obtain the final concentrate.

2, hand player selection is based on the talc powder and gangue minerals different from the slippery nature of the selection. The talc has good slipperiness, the higher the grade, and the better the slipperiness. Most of the talc mines in China use hand-selected high-grade talc blocks.

3. In addition to talc, the electrostatic ore dressing talc ore. Further comprising magnesite, a magnetic iron ore, magnetic pyrite, tremolite and other minerals dissemination size is about 0.5mm. Talc magnesite ore belt negatively charged positive charge in the electrostatic field. Both magnetite and magnetic iron ore are good conductors, so it is easy to separate the above minerals in an electric field.

4. Magnetically selected talcum powder concentrate requires a certain degree of fineness. Also have a certain degree of whiteness. Due to the presence of dyed iron minerals in the ore, sometimes the above method is not sufficient, and magnetic separation is required to remove iron minerals. Wet magnetic separation can reduce the iron content of talc concentrate from 4% to 5% to less than 1%.

5. Photoelectric detection Photoelectric detection is a method of sorting by utilizing the different optical properties of talc and impurity minerals. Photoelectric sorters include preparation mechanisms (mines, feeders, belt conveyors), radiation sources and detectors (sensors), electronic control loops, and actuators. In addition, the talc is characterized by white fluorescence under ultraviolet irradiation.

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