Jiangsu Jiesheng Technology Innovation welcomes the production and sales of electric anchor machine

Enterprise transformation and upgrading is to enhance core competitiveness, seize the right to speak, and promote sustainable development. How to make innovation more connotation and competitiveness, Jiangsu Jiesheng Anchor Machine Co., Ltd. has delivered a satisfactory answer to the paper through continuous technological innovation and intellectual property protection. The company has maintained its leading position in the industry. Wang, the market share has increased significantly.
Jiangsu Jiesheng Technology Innovation welcomes the production and sales of electric anchor machine
Jiangsu Jiesheng Anchoring Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in research, development, production and sales of deck machinery such as anchoring machines, winches, winches and steering gears. As the new products have an absolute advantage in the safe and efficient anchoring mooring of ships and marine equipment, Orders have been full this year, and the workshop is busy.

As early as 2008, the company's first patented product, the all-weather electric windlass, solves the problem of barrier-free rapid anchoring of ships in severe weather such as typhoons. Subsequently, the company has successively studied patented products such as high-efficiency cycloidal pinwheel reducer, marine brake-regulated lifting motor, non-asbestos brake band and fast anchor clutch, and has always maintained a leading position in the industry. The newly developed stainless steel electric windlass can be assembled with only three modules.

With fewer parts, the quality of the product has also been reduced. The ordinary Φ36 anchor machine has a mass of 2300kg, and the new product only needs 1500kg, which saves the consumption of marine steel plates, profiles and other materials, and also avoids the possible dripping of hydraulic anchoring machines, winches and winches during daily transportation.

Jiangsu Jiesheng pays attention to the original line of research and development of new products. At the same time, it adopts the patent “protection network” to hold the independent core technology of the enterprise and win a bigger market for the enterprise. In 2017, Jiesheng Anchor Machine has 11 effective patents at home and abroad, with an annual output value of nearly 10 million yuan and a total profit and tax of over 1 million yuan. In 2018, enterprises will integrate green development into product innovation research and development, opening up a broader space for enterprise development.

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