· Porsche CEO reiterated that there will be a low-cost electric SUV

Stuttgart, Germany, reported that Porsche recently announced its 2017 annual results at its headquarters in Stuttgart. During this period, Porsche Global Executive Chairman Dr. Oliver Blume communicated with domestic media including Netcom, responding to questions about the possibility of production in China and the production process of electric vehicles.

1. Porsche will not make domestically produced electric products in the short term.

Previously, there were domestic media reports that Porsche will be put into production in China. The target of the joint venture is SAIC. Just a year ago, when Audi announced that it would cooperate with SAIC, such speculation once again reached a climax. It also used Volkswagen Group MLB with Audi. Porsche on the platform, the model of the domestic appearance seems to be a matter of course, and in Porsche's view is not eager to make domestic.

For whether or not to consider launching in China, Obumu gave a clear reply: "We are not a big company after all, mass production is relatively limited, if it is subdivided into various markets, it is not economical, so based on this The reason is that we do not consider production in China. In terms of electric vehicles, we currently have no plans to bring the electricized products to local production in China. The research and development of electric vehicles are concentrated in Germany, so the first production will be placed at the headquarters. ."

It is worth mentioning that Lutz Meschke, vice chairman and member of Porsche Global Executive Board, also accepted interviews with Chinese media during the Porsche annual meeting. He did not completely deny the possibility of domestic production, but proposed One requirement: "If Porsche's future single model sells more than 100,000 units a year in China, we will have some plans."

In fact, in the past 2017, the Chinese market has achieved the largest single market in the world for the third consecutive year with 71,508 new car deliveries and 10% annual growth. According to Mr. Mai Sige's request, Porsche is also far from the Cayenne, which has the highest sales volume in China. Therefore, even if there is a possibility of domestic production, the time is far away.

Second, Porsche will share the platform with Audi to produce pure electric SUVs and cars.

In addition to the traditional fuel car, Porsche's next focus is on electrification, and the Mission E, which will be mass-produced next year, will be the first pure electric car. The car is positioned lower than the Panamera, with a cruising range of more than 500 kilometers, less than 3.5 seconds of acceleration in a hundred kilometers, and 80% charging in a fast charge of 15 minutes. In addition to the Mission E platform, Porsche is also planning to jointly develop a new electric vehicle platform PPE (Premium Platform Electric) with Audi, which will be launched in 2022 and will produce Porsche, Audi and Bentley electric vehicles in the future.

For the planning of this platform, Obummu revealed more information for the first time. He told Netcom: "We and Audi do have plans to jointly develop the platform. The division of labor is 60% for Audi and 40% for Porsche. The proportion of division of labor is divided according to the proportion of core capacity, and is also based on the usage rate of the platform. Regarding what kind of vehicle can be produced on the platform, we have a relatively thin battery at the bottom of the vehicle, and it can also have a very Thick battery, so this platform can produce both cars and SUVs."

In terms of product positioning, the models produced by the PPE platform are also different from those of Misson E. “Misson E is designed to take the driver down when it is lower, that is, the distance from the ground is relatively low. The electric car produced on the same platform as Audi is aimed at other customer groups. Compared to the two platforms, the performance of Mission E is To be higher." Based on this, in the future, Porsche will basically determine the two main platforms in the electrification, and the models produced by the PPE platform will be more "close to the people", and the electric SUV will also be one of the future trends.

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